Learn how to grow carrots successfully!

Carrots are among some of the most popular root crops grown and consumed in the world. Root crops like carrots are hardy and grow best under cooler conditions. Carrots will survive light frosts, making them a great crop to start off your garden in the early spring. Some varieties also grow well in the fall and even into the winter.

Carrots are originally from the Mediterranean region, but now people consume and grow them throughout the world. They are actually biennial plants that are treated like annuals when grown in the garden.

Long and orange dominates our images of carrots, but there are actually a number of different colors and shapes of carrots out there. Many gardeners enjoy growing carrots with unique shapes and colors, such as purple, white, and round carrots. No matter what kind of carrot you grow, you’ll enjoy their health benefits including high quantities of vitamin A.

This site is a guide to growing carrots in the home garden. We feel the best way to grow any vegetable in your garden is without the use of potentially harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Thus, this site has lots of tips on growing your carrots naturally. You’re going to eat the carrots you grow, so why not use the most natural and healthy methods possible to grow them!

Keep reading for our great carrot growing tips!

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