Tips for Using Fertilizers to Grow Carrots

In most cases, good quality compost is all you need to enrich your soil and ensure healthy carrots. However, there are a number of environmentally friendly and safe fertilizers and soil enhancers that you may consider using.

For example, Mycor root builders are excellent soil builders that contain Endomycorrhiza, Ectomycorrhiza, Scleroderma, Kelp, Zeolite, and Humate. These will stimulate beneficial soil fungi and allow your plants to take more advantage of soil nutrients and water.

Whether or not you choose to you use fertilizers in your garden, make sure you use the appropriate amount. Too much fertilizer can result in deformed carrots with forked roots. Please note that you should never use a weed and feed type fertilizer as it may end up killing your vegetable crops.

When you grow carrots, the soil should have a consistent texture and should drain well. Compacted or rocky soil can interfere with root develop and may cause deformations in your carrots. Adding organic compost, which you can make yourself with a compost bin, is a great way to loosen your soil and add the nutrients that your plants will need to grow strong and healthy.

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